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Butterfly Watercolour Painting Ideas

I can never get tired of butterflies and trying/painting them. Most of the times, I mess them up so badly and have to try again (after I'm done sulking at it). Sometimes, however, I'm so busy enjoying the process and don't care much what the end result looks like. Since I'm hard on myself most times, so chances of this happening is not that great, though I try to remind myself otherwise.

Here's a step-by-step tutorial of the painting process of this Monarch Butterfly

Sometimes, we know it and remember, that when we paint(or create), it's not always going to turn out great, but it just so happens that we are so focused on the end result that we forget to enjoy the very reason why we wanted paint or create anything in the first place. I'm most guilty of this, which is why I'm saying this, rather, expressing. But I do want to remind you, and myself, to be gentle on ourselves and to try to remember to feel the tiny things - like watching the colours mix, smelling the paper or paints, watching the colours dry, observing the brush and its movements on the paper and more such occurrences. Trust me it is so very calming, if only we pause every now then even if for a little while to feel these feelings.

Suggested: Watercolour Painting Butterfly Half Wing

I cannot tell you how to paint - since I'm learning myself. What I can do is accompany you, share with you my stories, observations and learnings, in a hope and wish that it will somehow inspire you and you find it helpful in some way.

I'm sharing some of my butterfly watercolour works here. As you will see, some of those are just where I'm simply playing with colours/paintbrush and possibly just trying to relax and enjoy the process. For others, however, I was carefully working my way around with a purpose. Use any of them as a reference to create your own version, or just watch it to unwind and relax, as I like to do sometimes. If you have something to tell me about any of them (good or bad), do feel free to drop me a comment/message.

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