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Conch Shell Pencil Sketch

I usually look up online for reference objects to sketch. Sometimes however, I remember to look around the house and pick up any random object and start practicing pencil sketching. There are two benefits in doing so, according to me, one - you won't spend a lot of time in front of the screen trying to find something from a sea of references. And, two - when you pick up an object from around you, in your hand, you can check i thoroughly from many angles, which will give you such a good idea of the object that you want to practice sketching, in terms of its structure, appearance, lighting, shadows, and a lot of such details that you can understand even if you can't always incorporate all of it in your practice.

So, while I too, use Pinterest, Google, and other sources for reference, this post is about the time when I picked up this conch shell lying around at my home. I had picked it up many many years ago, from, of course, a beach vacation.

Slightly off-topic, but I feel the need to mention that I once read this article that spoke about how even the empty sea shells are important for a healthy marine ecosystem, I have since stopped collecting the seashells. If I happen to find an interesting looking seashell on the beach, I simply pick it up, click a few pictures from different angles, or even take a 360 degree slo-mo video. And use these references later if I ever decide to practice sketching it.

Here's a pencil sketch of a conch shell from my practice sketchbook. Feel free to use it a reference, if you like, or pick up/look up on your own to start practicing.

mixedbag .png

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