Hanging Plants Watercolour Doodle

I haven't traveled since the pandemic broke out. Being at home (for the longest time ever) I'm missing travel but hey no regrets, as this gave me time to learn and indulge in a lot of new activities and learnings, some of which I'm still continuing. (Gardening was one of them - I love how my little balcony garden turned out! - about that, another time)

This time out and slowing down also gave me an opportunity to resume watercolour painting. I'm thoroughly enjoying it (and I think there's satisfying progress too). Though I'm not getting as much time as I got when we all were forced to stay at home, I still paint as and when I am able to do it now - and it truly is calming.

So, anyway, I had doodled this botanical illustration a while ago. It's a loose painting really, of some pretty hanging plants and planters (inspired by my gardening interest). Check out the video below.


Most of my art supplies are inexpensive as I'm still learning/practicing. I agree good tools make a great difference, but at the same time, I also believe that tools don't always matter as long as you enjoy the process and create something, anything that makes you feel good.

The art supplies I've for this plant watercolour doodle include the following:

  1. Student-grade watercolours - crimson, sap green, dark green, burnt sienna, yellow ochre, violet, and Prussian blue and played a bit around with mixing a few of these to get different hues.

  2. Round brush (again, an inexpensive local but comfortable brand paint brush), use any size you are comfortable using, I'm using size 10.

  3. A5 sized spiral bound sketch pad with thick drawing papers (I think it is some 160-180 GSM, which is fairly thick for a light wash of watercolours). I don't always work with watercolour papers, because they are expensive (yeah!) and sometimes I'm just playing around with colours so any sheets would do for me.

I feel this one is a super easy watercolour doodle that anyone can create. Do give it a try, if you like it :) and also let me know if you do.

For now, enjoy the video :)


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