Meadow, Mountains and Reflection - Loose Watercolour Time-lapse

As a part of a 30-day video challenge, I decided to create videos of the creative activities that I like to indulge in.

I recorded videos where I recited some of poems/writings and thoughts, some when I practiced ukulele (that I'm also learning to play these days), and of course of the ink doodles and watercolour pieces that I created/attempted/practiced.

Get ideas and/inspiration from My 30-days creative activities

This day I painted a flowery meadow with my favourite elements, yes, mountains and lake and reflection (that I messed up a bit, I feel, but that's okay) using a loose watercolour painting technique. I was inspired by a (dynamic) wallpaper on my phone that I had seen one day. The beautiful landscape photography made me instantly like the place. So, I decided to (attempt to) recreate it with my watercolours.

I may have not captured all the details or most elements from the original picture, because my aim was to simply use my paints and brush to recreate the picture as I saw it, as I interpreted it, as best as I could. I started with a very rough, raw idea and pencil sketch of how and what elements I wanted to place on the paper of my little sketchbook. And then, I simply went on to use the paintbrush and colours, as my mind directed. It surely was a fun and relaxing process that I enjoyed without planning much or getting stressed over how will it turn out in the end. I liked what became of it in the end, check out the video, maybe you too could find some ideas and inspiration or share some tips that I could use.

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