Pencil sketches from old sketchbook

Sharing a couple of sketches from early days of sketching. There are more but sharing just 2 for now. These are not perfect but I was practising. Not that I am perfect at sketching now, but I enjoyed pencil sketching a lot back then. I realise it's been so long since I sketched anything.

Both these (following) sketches were done with reference. The Tarzan and Jane one (my favourite) was from a fridge magnet. I was studying animation around that time and had started with 2D sketching classes. I most enjoyed practising the familiar characters from favourite animation movies.

I loved this book Cartoon Animation by Preston Blair and would rent it from the library very often. The first pencil sketch of a surprised cat with a bumble bee and the dog's is from Preston Blair's amazing book. If you are interested, do check out this book, it's wonderful and I found it to be super helpful.

Cute cat and dog pencil sketch

Tarzan and Jane pencil sketch

When I was in school, I loved practising still life, though I wasn't particularly good at it but it was fun. I think it gave my overthinking brain some time to calm down. Here's one where I attempted to draw and shade a yarn ball.

Here's a pencil sketch of a tree that I drew just randomly, when I was having a rough day. It is really a very beginner level sketching (not that I have levelled-up now) but it was fun to just hold the pencil and draw a random image (or tree, hehe). Do you also do this, sometime?

I cam across this simple yet elegant pencil sketch of a young woman and I had to try it out myself. I'm now not able to find the link to the original work/artist, so apologies (if I find the link to the original sketch, I will update this post later). The original sketch was so beautiful that I was immediately drawn to it when I stumbled upon it while looking for some inspiration.

Just for fun, here's a Moana quote ink art. I love the Moana movie and the brave Moana character and also the quote. This one is not a pencil sketch I know, but the quote there is just something I always like to remind myself whenever I'm feeling a little lost (like today).

Moana - Find your way

Hope you enjoy this post and find it inspiring, too. Keep creating!

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