Pressed Flower Art - pretty bookmarks

Pressed flower art is my favorite art & craft activity. Not only is it super easy, but also pretty, inexpensive, and quick (most times). It has always turned out pretty, and I think there's no way to fail at it because flowers are so pretty, right?

The only challenge I had faced (initially) was to get the flowers dry/dehydrated perfectly. Even little moisture left can grow molds on your art/craft piece(speaking from a personal experience). And too much heat treatment can make it lose its vibrant color making it look dull or even dark and too brittle to use. But don't worry, with time and some practice you'd know the right way to press the flowers that suits you the best.

So far, I have tried 2 methods to press flowers and leaves. Here's is my observation & experience at each:

Pressing flowers in the book

This is my favorite method. You just need a few thick and heavy books and some parchment papers for this method. I also use newspaper or brown paper bags sometimes. These materials will wick the moisture gradually released from the flowers/leaves when pressed between the pages, and kept under some weight. This method will (obviously) take some time, think of any time between a few days to a few weeks but the results are good. I use this method when I'm not in a hurry or when I haven't thought about what I would do with the pressed flowers.

Pressing flowers with a dry iron

I have noticed that using a low-heat setting on your dry (not steam) iron gives the best results. Again, I put the flowers and leaves inside the parchment paper before running the iron over it a few times till the desired results are achieved. You can check in-between to see if the heat setting you are using is enough and adjust accordingly. Using an iron to press flowers is quick and easy, and this is my preferred method to press flowers.

I have also seen some people press flowers using a microwave. I haven't personally tried this method yet so cannot say anything about it.

Well then, go on and try these methods to press flowers and leaves to make those beautiful artsy, craftsy decors. Also, check out the video (below) where I have made some bookmarks with the pressed flowers. Let me know what you think.

mixedbag .png

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