Relax with some easy Zen Doodles

Even when I did not know the term doodle as a kid, I used to doodle. Of course it was all childish and just for fun - as doodles are supposed to be. I do not have all those doodles with me anymore because I probably never thought much about them, not that they were anything outstanding but still I think it would have been nice to look through them.

So anyway, I resumed doodles after many years. And this time I learned some of the doodles that I used to do years ago, now has a term - zen doodles. You can read up about zen doodles and zentangles on internet so I wont go into that. I'll just share some of the doodles I played with while having tonnes of fun and relaxing. I often find myself relaxed and absorbed while doing these zen doodles - which is also why I love that term (it does get the zen mode on hehe).

I don't think there's any need to explain anything in detail really but if you are interested to know - I usually zen doodle in black and white, I feel the end result looks super clean and calm in black and white. I use technical pen with varying tip sizes (depending on the patterns and area I'm covering) but these are absolutely not a must, you can zen doodle with ink pen, pencil, gel pen, anything really.

Check them out here. Feel free to refer to any of these and don't be afraid to try out your own ideas :)

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