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Watercolour Painting Butterfly Wing

I'm super fascinated with butterfly wings, even dragonflies, actually I can say bugs/insect wings. The patterns, textures, colours, shades, I find them all so pretty.

I had seen this one on Pinterest (I think) and though of trying it out. As I'm trying to use watercolours I decided to give it a try using my watercolours. Since I had a reference image, I did not record the steps where I sketched the outline. Check the video below.

I wanted to use wet-on-wet watercolour technique, so I loaded the paintbrush with some clean water and spread it across the butterfly wing sketch. the video is sped up just because I take my own sweet time while painting. Though I wasn't using the perfect watercolour sheet and had to work a bit faster as the paper dries out faster.

After glossing up the sheet, next I loaded the paintbrush with very thin consistency of crimson pigment and went about the outlines of each section of the butterfly wing. Since the sheet was still wet, the colour bled around slowly and softly. I let it dry for some time and use a thin consistency of purple colour - as I wasn't too happy with how the first colour looked after drying, and also because I wanted to use a slightly different colour to give the wing another shade.

To make the outlines of each section stand out a bit (as it was all smudged into same colour/shade) I used a slightly thicker consistency of crimson to paint them. I wasn't entirely satisfied with the final look and decided to use my micron pen to give it a doodle-kind of look. I drew along the lines, roughly and loosely as I like these kind of imperfections in my pieces. Another thing I absolutely love and almost always do, is the colour splatter, I feel it just changes the look and feel of the whole painting.

That was the whole process explained in words. But if you are someone who enjoys watching the process (like me) then please do check the video.

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